Company Profile

-Concert planning and management
-Concert recording using multiple high definition video cameras

Company History

Concert Planning and Management
-Marc Andre Hamelin (1997, his debut in Japan)
TV and FM Broadcast were done by NHK
-Francesco Libetta (1999, his debut in Japan)
-Daniel-Ben Pienaar (2002, his solo debut in Japan)
-'Percy Grainger Festival' (2011, the 50th anniversary of his death)
-Vincenzo Maltempo (2013, his debut in Japan)
FM Broadcast was done by NHK
-Angelo Villani (2016, his debut in Japan)
-Maria Lettberg (2017, her debut in Japan)

Concert Management
-Yasuo Kurimoto & Eiji Yoshimura (2014)
-Masahiro Kawakami (2014, 2015)
Mr Kawakami is an evangelist of Kapustin's music in Japan.

Profile of JK Arts' founder and president

Jun Kinoshita

After graduating from Tokyo University, Jun Kinoshita worked for Sony Corporation - primarily in its home video planning section - for over two decades. Jun is also a keen amateur pianist and won Third Prize in the Second Chopin International Piano Competition for Amateur Pianists in Warsaw in 2012. Jun left Sony in 2012 in order to work full time for his own company, JK Arts.

Company contact details

Address : 53-15, Kashiwa-cho, Asahi-ku, Yokohama, 241-0835 JAPAN (Tokyo Metropolitan Area)
Mail :